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Tech Brief: Cislunar Smallsat Opportunities
Join Grant to learn more about cislunar rideshare opportunities for smallsats. He’ll explain how exploring beyond LEO can be quick, affordable and efficient way to access lunar orbits without the complexities associated with smallsats needing to carry extra propellant and mass to do the orbit raising themselves. Spaceflight is now offering smallsat rideshare deployments in trans-lunar orbit, low-lunar orbit and beyond to geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO), with its first mission – GEO Pathfinder, late 2022.
Tech Brief: Growing the Space Economy with Spaceflight Safety
With multiple actors joining the space domain, it is becoming increasingly important to collaborate and cooperate on space activities. Just like highways enabled a tremendous economic growth, a common understanding of safety will enable the space economy grow as projected. Accidents and mishaps will not only affect one operator, but many. Accidents at a street intersection might slow down traffic nearby.