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Stewart Bain, CEO & Cofounder
Northstar Earth & Space

Stewart is an innovator, engineer and international business specialist who has been at the forefront of commercializing disruptive aeronautical and space applications technologies since 1996. He is an aerospace engineer with an MBA and a trained classical actor who founded the Ottawa Shakespeare Festival. But most importantly, to Stewart, he is the father of six children.

Stewart’s family was very much on his mind when he co- founded NorthStar Earth & Space. NorthStar began in 2012, as a notion to help solve global scale challenges such as climate change and space congestion. Stewart has been the driving force in realizing NorthStar as aninformation services enterprise to help create a more sustainable world, for his own children, for their generation and for generations to follow.

With thirty years of experience designing and developing aerospace systems, Stewart was part of the original engineering design team for the RadarSat 1 and 2 earth observation missions. Stewart created Canada’s first space optical systems centre of excellence which commercially developed breakthrough star tracker systems for spacecraft attitude control, optical intersatellite link products, and went on to make significant contributions to Canada’s first space situational awareness satellite, SAPPHIRE as well as the James Webb space telescope.

Stewart has also been recognized with an R&D 100 award for his collaborations with NASA Langley distinguishing his contributions to advanced high temperature polyimide composite systems for aircraft applications. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of the AIAC and was President of the Board Advisory Committee of the AQA (Quebec Aerospace Association).

Stewart is also the founder of Bain Consulting International, offering management consulting services worldwide for the aerospace market with offices in France, Japan, Germany and the USA. Stewart has an MBA from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and a Master’s of Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa.

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