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Chester Gillmore, VP of Spacecraft Development & Manufacturing

Chester Gillmore, part of the early team at Planet, is Vice President of Spacecraft Development & Manufacturing, where he is responsible for overseeing all of Planet’s satellite design and manufacturing operations. This includes the design, prototyping, qualification, and launch of history’s largest fleet of Earth observation satellites. Planet’s factories have flexible concurrent assembly, integration, test, & qualification lines that can produce well over 20 satellites a week. The development teams tightly integrated and working hand in hand with manufacturing have realized an unprecedented capability, coined ‘Agile Aerospace’. Planet’s mission is to use space to help life on Earth, making global change visible and actionable. Prior to Joining planet Chester was helping Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT) build and operate a longitudinally deployed global network of fully robotic autonomous 1M and 0.4M telescopes used for scientific research

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