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Craig Miller, President, Government System
Viasat Government Systems

Craig Miller joined Viasat in 1995 and currently leads Viasat’s Government Systems, with over $1B/year in sales. Craig has over 25 years’ experience in technology, business, and strategic leadership in the communications, defense and network security space.

Previous to his current role, Craig was the CTO for Viasat’s Government Systems, where he was responsible for establishing and communicating the technical vision and roadmap for a diverse range of products and services: including our government satellite communications portfolio, tactical networks, encryption products, cyber/network security products, cyber security services, as well as our Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance product portfolio.

Craig also launched the Viasat Government Systems Space Business, which created XVI, the first Link-16 LEO satellite, as well as Mobile Satcom Gateway Systems, and Hybrid Adaptive Network capabilities. In less than two years, Craig grew this business from scratch to over $20M/year in revenues.

In addition to his role within ViaSat’s government systems division, Craig also worked with the design team of Viasat’s Space and Commercial Networks group, which developed the ViaSat-3 satellite constellation. In this role Craig contributed to the design of Viasat’s, next- generation satellite communications portfolio, and served as the liaison between Viasat’s commercial and government businesses to ensure that government stakeholders’ requirements and CONOPS can be serviced by Viasat’s satellite communications systems.

Over the course of his career at Viasat, Craig has demonstrated expertise in numerous communications systems, including terrestrial wireless, satellite communications and terrestrial networking. Craig is well versed in multiple aspects of communications system security and design, including protocol/waveform design, terminal and space segment design, TCP/IP networking, network proxy design, cryptography, cryptosystems, network security, as well as offensive and defensive cyber techniques.

Previously, Craig worked at Hughes Missile Systems Group In Tucson, Arizona where he was responsible for implementation of Electronic Counter Measures for the AAMRAM Missile System.

Craig holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, with emphasis on Communications and Signal Processing from the University of Arizona.

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