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AAC Clyde Space, a leading New Space company, specialises in small satellite technologies and services that enable businesses, governments, and educational organisations to access high-quality, timely data from space. This data has a vast range of applications, from weather forecasting to precision farming to environmental monitoring, and is essential to improving our quality of life on Earth.
Our growing capabilities bring together three divisions:
• Space Data as a Service – delivering data from space directly to customers
• Space missions – turnkey solutions that empower customers to streamline their space missions
• Space products and components – a full range of off-the-shelf and tailor-made subsystems, components, and sensors
AAC Clyde Space aims to become a world leader in commercial small satellites and services from space, applying advances in its technology to tackle global challenges and improve our life on Earth.

Company Website: https://www.aac-clyde.space/

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Name Sue Kee Alexandra Sokolowski
Title Head of Business Development, Missions & Services Head of Business Development, Products
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Tel +44 (0) 141 946 4440 +31(0)15-5160905