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Cailabs was established in 2013 and is a French deep-tech company which designs, manufactures and sells photonic solutions.

By combining our beam shaping technology (Multi-Plan Light Conversion or MPLC) with optimal engineering, we create innovative products that help solve some of today’s major industrial and technological challenges for multiple applications from laser machining processes, ground-based telecommunications, defense to aerospace.

Designed for Free-Space-Optical Communications, TILBA improves the reliability of satellite, naval, aeronautical (aircraft, drones) and ground links. Based on our spatial multiplexing/demultiplexing technology that manipulates light shapes, TILBA allows, optical communication to become accessible and easily deployable thanks to standard, easy-to-use embedded components:

TILBA-ATMO to compensate for atmospheric turbulence at reception and collect a turbulent beam into a standard SMF.
TILBA-EMIT to increase the source power during transmission.
Cailabs can support your optical link projects at different integration stages, from the component to the optical ground station.

Company Website: http://www.cailabs.com