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FreeFall Aerospace is developing revolutionary new antenna technology for ground, air, and space. Their innovative spherical antennas are drawing interest from various commercial and government organizations, offering a wide field of view, efficient beam steering, and low mass and power to dramatically simplify and improve satellite communications. FreeFall was founded in Tucson as a spin-off from the University of Arizona in 2016 and maintains a close connection with UA faculty and supporters.

FreeFall Aerospace earned the 2019 Startup Innovator of the Year Award by the Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Technology Council. The company also participates in educational programs for youth in STEM.

Company Website: https://www.freefallaerospace.com/

Event Contacts

Name Doug Stetson Julie Bonner
Title CEO Director of Communications
Email dstetson@freefallaerospace.com jbonner@freefallaerospace.com