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G-SPACE is an industrial AI company that offers a patented (*patent pending) AI powered Software-as-a-Service platform, ATOM(e) to experiment terrestrially with the design, optimization and qualification of gravity free products and manufacturing processes. With the use of ATOM(e), the Advanced Terrestrial to Orbital Manufacturing (experimental), G-SPACE is bridging across the earth-space ecosystems to accelerate the in-space materials manufacturing value chain.
The platform is modular and provides data ingestion, storage, analytics capabilities combined with underpinning microgravity science, machine learning and computer vision based algorithms that can be applied to areas such as material science, biophysical research, microbiology, plants, food research, etc for any or all segments of the process of in-space manufacturing. This offers academic, microgravity R&D, industry users and the newly developing in-space manufacturing ecosystem to means to better capitalize on the “delta-to-gravity”. Ultimately ATOM(e) can predict performance for multiple gravity levels corresponding to the Moon, Mars and beyond. ATOM(e) saves its customers years and millions (10X) in making go-no-go decisions.

Company Website: https://www.g-space.com

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