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Sierra Remote Observatories (SRO) is an astronomical observatory dedicated to remote data acquisition, satellite tracking, space communications and deep sky imaging. Our clients include space industry professionals, astrophysicists and amateur astronomers. We provide the infrastructure and excellent site conditions so you can focus on data acquisition. Our site was chosen for its exceptional characteristics, such as 1 arcsecond seeing, 290 clear nights annually, average wind speeds of only 1 mph, excellent darkness at 22 magnitudes/square arcsecond, lack of summer monsoons and only rare thunderstorms. Internet connections are fiber optic with gigabit speeds available. We have technicians on-site 365 days/year. Our location is unique in being only an hour from a major metropolitan area and international airport, making access to the facility and to expert personnel unusually easy. With excellent seeing, robust infrastructure and accessibility, SRO is an excellent choice for space industry professionals and astronomers.

Company Website: http://www.sierra-remote.com

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