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We operate the busiest and fastest growing commercial spaceport on European mainland: Esrange Space Center. Targeting to launch small satellites into orbit by the end of 2022, SSC has recently enlarged its service offer with multiple associated testbed services such as motor-, stage-, reusability-, drop- and launch tests.

Our global network is one of the world’s largest commercial satellite ground station networks. Its flexible, multi-mission and low-latency capabilities enable optimum access to spacecraft in any orbit for reliable connectivity, command and control.

Rocket launch tracking support > LEOP > TT&C > Data Reception > Emergency support > Re-Orbit > De-orbit: we assist operators during all their satellites’ lifetime. Those services are complemented through hosting of antennas at our worldwide network of ground stations.

SSC also supplies a wide range of ground segment software (constellation management and control system, flight dynamics suite and SLE gateway) and operational tools (ranging from ground station scheduling software to telemetry analysis and training). Those have been developed in support of our spacecraft operations teams deployed in all the major satellite operators’ facilities throughout Europe. SSC supports constellations such as Galileo and Copernicus.

SSC has nearly 600 employees around the globe.

Company Website: https://www.sscspace.com/