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TransAstra is developing the Worker Bee™ family of space tugs to save time and money on missions to deliver satellites and satellite constellations to precise orbits. Worker Bee 1 provides LEO logistics in the smallsat and microsat mass class including payload hosting (satellite-as-a-service). We can also capture and reposition or de-orbit existing satellites. Worker Bees operate with our breakthrough solar thermal thruster — Omnivore.™ The medium thrust system uses lightweight solar concentrators instead of bulky solar arrays and can run on water, ammonia, liquid hydrogen or other propellants, It’s faster and cheaper than electric rockets, and it’s safer, cleaner, and cheaper than chemical rockets. Worker Bee 2 will carry medium class satellites and spacecraft throughout LEO, GEO, and cislunar space. Worker Bee 3 is a super heavy class OTV that can carry payloads ranging up to 100 tons on high ∆v missions.

Company Website: http://www.transastracorp.com

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